Pong Wall Clock

January 3, 2006 at 10:17 am (>$100, Bedroom, Electronics, Living Room, Toys)

Pong Wall Clock

Some bored designers thought it would be fun to make a clock based on the classic game, Pong.

What makes this so ingenious is that the score is actually the time- when the left side scores a point, the hour increments. When the right side scores, the minutes increment.

When I score, the clock explodes into little pieces.

$240 /Buro VormkRijgers
(Forget It – See Below)

Update #1: Atari heard about this clock and apparently sent a cease and desist on it- they eventually changed their minds and are allowing Buro to sell them. Can’t go infringing on the sales of hundreds of thousands of copies of Pong cartridges. Wait, this is 2006, not 1980- sorry.

Update #2: Seems you can get a screen saver for your PC/Mac which mimics the Pong wall clock exactly. While their clock is a measly 8″ wide, my 21″ iMac now towers over it.

Price for software? Free. Get it here.


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